SMA Ice-breaking Pilot Boat

Ice-breaking Pilot Boat

The SMA Ice-breaking Pilot Boat is a heavy duty, ice-breaking pilot boat, built by Swede Ship Marine and operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration.
The vessel is design and built to operate in rough conditions at the Gulf of Bothnia. The 2 men crew has a high standard accommodation and a fully equipped wheelhouse.


Main particulars

Speed 100% MCR 12.0 knots
Service restriceted area A
Length over all 17.0 m
Breadth 6.0 m
Depth 3.0 m
Speed 10.0 knots
Class SMA
Material Hull Steel
Material Superstructure Aluminium
Service restriceted area A

DO tanks 20,5 m3
FW tanks 0.60 m3
Septic tank 0.47 m3
Main engine Caterpillar 3512B, DITA SCAC, 954 kW/1 600 rpm
Gearbox Mekanord 500HS, red 4.94:1
Propeller Hundested VP 11½ CP 4 blade
Bow thruster PMH S-45-50B, 37 kW
Steering eng. Scan-Steering MT 1 000
Aux generator Perkins 1004TG, 49 kW/1 500 rpm, GMPP 69 MDP


Download Ice-breaking Pilot Boat Product Sheet