Donsötank Credo

21 300 DWT General cargo carrier

Credo design is a box type open hatch general cargo carrier design with gears. Credo has Swedish-Finnish Ice class 1A SUPER and is designed with special consideration for easy maintenance, e.g. whale forecastle, double plated coaming etc. The low resistance hull and the flex engine provide low fuel consumption at all speeds.
The cranes, mounted on port side, allow easy access to holds with no cargo hold overhang at all. It also allows quick handling of hatches which reduces port time.


Main figures

Cargo hold capacity 25 937 m3
Deadweight at summer draught Cargo 21 353 tonnes
Cranes 3 x 38t/28m
Number of holds 2
GT/NT 16 690/6 540


Main particulars

Length over all 159 m
Length between PP 148 m
Breadth mld 24.6 m
Depth mld 13.5 m
Draught design 9.0 m
Deadweight 19 940 tonnes
Draught summer 9.40 m
Corresponding deadweight 21 353 tonnes
Cargo capacity 25 937 m3
HFO tanks 786 m3
DO tanks 127 m3
FW tanks 91 m3
Water ballast 9 090 m3

Distributed loads:
On hatch covers 2.0 tonnes/m2
On tank top 13.0 tonnes/m2
Main engine 9 720 kW
CP propeller Ø 5.5 m
Aux engines 3 x 750 kW
Shaft generator 2 000 kW
Bow thruster 850 kW
Stern thruster 670 kW
Cargo grab cranes 3 x 30 tonnes/12.5 m3 grab
Ballast pumps 2 x 650 m3/h
Accommodation 23 pers
Speed (9.0 m) 85% MCR 16.4 knots



DNV + 1A1 General cargo carrier, Ice 1A Super F, – IB(+), EO, NAUT-AW.


Download Credo product sheet