67 000 DWT Shallow Draft


A state-of-the-art design focusing on *Cost optimization* Fuel Economy*Environmental issues for both people & vessel

This vessel will be compliant with future environmental regulations and also apply innovative eco-technology for your next generation of ‘Green’ bulk ships
FKAB’s new Ultramax design allows the transport of more cargo with less draft compared to other Ultramax designs on the market. The vessel is reinforced for the increase in cargo holding ability. There is operational flexibility since cargo holds 2 & 4 may be empty. Finally, the four cargo cranes each have a 30 tonne grab.

  • Reduced the light ship weight up to 25 %
  • Decrease the fuel consumption by optimizing relationship between beam and length, savings can be achieved up to 10%.
  • Waste heat recovery: R.O.I 2-5 years
  • Flow control system, fresh water : R.O.I 1-3 years
  • Battery bank reducing peak loads and black outs: R.O.I 1-2 years
  • Auxiliary engine can be replaced by a battery bank of about 300-500 kWh or the running hours can be reduced with 2/3.
  • Enthalpy wheel: R.O.I 2,5 years
  • Including noise and vibration analyses in all projects.
  • Propeller duct and rudder bulb can be considered.
  • Maximizing cargo volume.
  • Tailor made makers list to optimize Capex and Opex.


All data and main particulars

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