3 700 m3 Split hopper dredger

L’Aigle, La Boudeuse, L’Etoile, Le Sphinx, Le Guerrier, Astrolabe and Boussole’ are self-propelled split hoppers for transport of material dredged by Jan De Nul cutter suction dredgers.
These vessels are built at Tianjin Xinhe Shipyard in the Peoples Republic of China. L’Aigle was delivered on the 2nd of September 2005, La Boudeuse on the 1st of December 2005, L’Etoile on 24 January 2006, Le Sphinx on 22 May 2007 and Le Guerrier on 16 July 2007. Astrolabe is expected to be delivered by the end of 2009 and Boussole in 2010.

Main particulars

Hopper capacity 3 700 m3
Deadweight at dredging draught 6 200 tonnes
Length over all 99.5 m
Length between PP 92.0 m
Breadth mld 19.4 m
Depth mld 6.3 m
Deadweight 6 200 dwt
Dredging draught 5.85 m

FO tanks 545 m3
FW tanks 65 m3
Water ballast 600 m3
Main engines 2 x 1 850 kW
Aux engines 2 x 500 kW
Bow thruster 550 kW
Rudder propellers 2 sets
Accommodation 10 pers
Trial speed 12.4 knots



BUREAU VERITAS: I HULLMACH AUT-UMS, Split Hopper unit, Unrestricted navigation.


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