Jan Blanken

2 800 m3 Split hopper barge

The Jan Brink design is a self propellered split hopper unit with hopper capacity of 2800 m3.
The vessel is constructed for unrestricted operation worldwide. Trasporting all kinds of dredged and other bulk material. Wide bottom opening of 5 m allowing large stones and quick discharge.

The two jet water pumps with a capacity of 3400 m3/h at 2 Bar supplying two jet water guns for effective discharge, also for sticky materials. The jet water is also used as side thrusters in the bow.
Deck house with accommodation for 9 persons.

Main particulars

Length over all 96.10 m
Length between PP 88.45 m
Breadth mld 18.00 m
Depth mld 5.90 m
Design draught 4.80 m
Dredging draught 5.10 m
Deadweight at dredging draught 5 100 tonnes
Hopper capacity 2 800 m3

FO tanks 480 m3
Water ballast (fore peak) 290 m3
Main engines 2 x 1 119 kW
Aux engines 301 x 620 kW
Bow thruster 300 kW
Accomodation 9 pers
Service speed
(design draught 4.80 m) 10.0 knots



BUREAU VERITAS: I HULLMACH AUT-UMS, Split Hopper Unit, Unrestricted navigation.


Download Jan Brinken Product Sheet