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D13 Macuti

2 500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

The FKAB D13 design is a twin screw trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) with hopper capacity of 2 500 m3. The THSD is equipped with a trailing suction pipe, hinged bottom doors for dumping the spoil and a bow connection to delivery the spoil to shore.

Deck house with 12 cabins accommodation.


Main figures

Hopper capacity 2 500 m3
Deadweight 3 800 tonnes


Main particulars

Length over all 82.00 m
Length between PP 78.40 m
Breadth mld 16.00 m
Depth mld 6.30 m
Deadweight at dredging mark 3 800 dwt
Dredging draught 5.50 m
Hopper capacity 2 500 m3
FO tanks 245 m3
FW tanks 80 m3
Main engine 2 x 1720 kW

Water ballast (fore peak) 260 m3
Main generators 3 x 450 kW
Propeller 4 blades FPP
Dredge pump drive 1 935 kW
Bow thruster 400 kW
Deck crane fore 10 kN
Deck crane aft 180 kN
Accommodation 12 cabins/22 per
Speed (at 5,5m) 11.0 knots



BUREAU VERITAS: I+ HULL+ MACH Trailing suction, Hopper Dredger, Unrestricted navigation.



Download D13 Macuti product sheet