Balder R / Njord R

6 000 m3 Split hopper barge

The sister ships Balder R and Njord R are specially designed to work in shallow water world wide, and are one of the most versatile split hopper suction trailers ever built. They were designed for Rhode Nielsen A/S and are equipped with two trailing suction pipes with an inner diameter of 700 mm, enabling effective dredging. The load can be discharged by backpumping to the sea bed or into a trench through the suction pipe, over the bow as rainbowing or through the bow connection to a pipe line of ND600/700/800° up to a distance of approximately 4 km.

Main particulars

Hopper capacity 6 000 m3
Length over all 111.3 m
Length over all 111.3 m
Length btw pp 103.5 m
Breadth mld 19.4 m
Draught mld 7.7 m

Gross Tonnage 5194 GT
Crew 7-14
Service Speed 14 Knots
Dredging depth 35/54 m
Main engine 2 x 2985 kW
Bow thruster 450 kW



Bureau Veritas I + HULL + MACH, Split Hopper Dredger, Unrestricted Navigation, AUT-UMS


Download Balder R / Njord R Product Sheet