30 000 DWT Product and Oil Tanker

The FKAB T30 design is a product oil tanker with the aim for navigating in draught restriction port. The design is also suitable to transport vegetable oil as well as other easy chemicals.

The vessel is divided into twelve cargo tanks and two slop tanks. Ballast tanks are protecting the cargo tanks.

Three horizontal centrifugal cargo pumps arranged in pump room. Cargo system designed for load and discharge three (3) different types of cargo simultaneously without contamination.

Propulsion by a fixed pitch propeller driven directly by a two stroke low speed diesel engine.

The vessel hull form is optimized and model tested in a well known European tank test basin. Daily fuel consumption at service speed less than 20 tonnes.
At slower steaming speed 13.0 knots the daily fuel consumption can be reduced to 16 tonnes.

EEDI complies with phase 3 requirement, i.e 30% reduction compare to baseline requirement.


Main figures

Cargo capacity 36,000 m3
Deadweight 30,000 tonnes at design draught
Service speed 14.0 knots at design draught, 90% SMCR and 15% sea margin


Main particulars

Length over all 192.0 m
Length between PP 185.0 m
Breadth mld 30.0 m
Depth mld 14.4 m
Draught design 9.0 m
Deadweight 30 000 tonnes
Cargo capacity 36 000 m3
Discharging rate 3 600 m3/h
FO tanks 1 000 m3
DO tanks 300 m3

Technical fresh water 300 m3
Domestic fresh water 50 m3
Main engine SMCR 5 500 kW at 87 rpm
Aux engines 3 x 1 000 kW at 900 rpm, subject to power balance
Cargo pumps 3 x 1 200 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 600 m3/h
Accommodation 25 persons
Service speed at design draught 90% SMCR and 15% sea margin 14.0 knots 



BV Class 1, +HULL +MACH, Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker (IMO II), Unrestricted navigation, Inwater survey, MON-SHAFT, IG, EWCT


Download T30 product sheet