Frederiet Pandion

6 400 DWT Bitumen carrier

Frederiet Pandion design is a bitumen, chemical and product oil tanker with independent cargo tanks for bitumen and asphalt solution. Propulsion is in the form of a medium speed diesel engine with a gear and shaft generator coupled to a CP-screw while the bow thruster delivers 800kW. A box cooling system is utilized. The vessel carries independent cargo tanks constructed in two blocks, forward and aft of a pumproom. The forward block includes 5 tanks while the aft tanks consists of 4 tanks, divided vertically by corrugated bulkheads and heated via a thermal oil system.

The vessel is equipped with three cargo pumps, one for each segregation, where interconnections allow for any crossover combination so that any pump can empty any hold.

Main particulars

Length over all 116.0 m
Length between PP 109.3 m
Deadweight at scantling draught 7 130 tonnes
Deadweight at design draught 6 620 tonnes
Breadth mld 18.0 m
Depth mld 10.2 m
Draught design 7.0 m
Draught scantling 7.5 m
Cargo capacity 6 368 m3
HFO tanks 406 m3
DO tanks 62 m3
FW tanks 55 m3

Water ballast 2 557 m3
Main engine 4 350 kW
CP propeller Ø 4.9 m
Aux engines 3 x 600 kW
Shaft generator 900 kW
Thermal oil boilers 2 x 1 300 kW
Bow thruster 800 kW
Cargo pumps 3 x 500 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 400 m3/h
Accommodation 14 pers
Service speed (7.0 m) 85% MCR 15.0 knots


BUREAU VERITAS: I Oil tanker, Chemical tanker, Asphalt carrier, max cargo temp 250°C, ESP, Deep Sea, ICE 1A Super, MACH, Boilers, AUT-UMS, SYS-NEQ, Veristar.

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