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Styrsöbolagen Amanda

Archipelago transport ferry

Styrsöbolagen Amanda design is a flexible and environmental friendly ferry design tailor made for operations in the southern archipelago of Göteborg. The ferry is designed to be adapted to several different mission types such as food and garbage transportation, salvage operations, construction work and passenger transportation.

Styrsöbolagen Amanda has an advanced ballast system to be able to handle all kinds of rolling cargo at different kind of ports and quays.

Styrsöbolagen Amanda is the first Swedish vessel of its size where the engines is equipped with an SCR catalyst system which makes hear one of the most environmental friendly ferries at the market.


Main figures

Cargo capacity M160 tonnes
Crane capacity 1 x 60tm/20.5 m


Main particulars

Length over all 43,7 m
Breadth mld 9,70 m
Depth mld 3,50 m
Draught min 1,8 m
Draughtmax 2.59m
Servicespeed 12.5 knots
Main engine 2 x Scania DI16
Aux engine 2 x Volvo Penta D5A
Main engine MCR 2 x 470 kW
Exhaust emission control Urea
Type of propulsion 2 x Shottel STP 330
Fuel capacity 260 m3
Material Steel
Cargo 160 tonnes
Number of passengers 98


YARD Kållandsö varv AB
OWNER Göteborgs Skärgårdsgods AB
FLAG Swedish
Scope Concept, Detail and NC Design


Download Amanda product sheet