Royal Swedish Navy Patrol Boat

22 m Patrol boat

The Patrol Boat was built by Swedeship Marine and is in use for the Royal Swedish Navy. Designed, built and equipped with advanced equipment, enourmous capacity and highest comfort. The patrol boat is designed for submarine hunting and maritime traffic control. Mining and mine piloting can also be performed.


Main Figures

Speed + 25 knots
Crew 8
Passengers 10


Main particulars

Length 21.85 m
Breadth mld 5.40 m
Depth mld 3.32 m
Draught (disp. 50/60 tonnes) 1.73/1.83 m
Service speed 25 knots

Main engine 2 x MWM TBD 234 V16
Reduction gears 2 x ZF BW 250
Aux engine 2 x Perkins 4 cyl
Generator 2 x Newage 46 kVa



Download Royal Swedish Navy Transportation Boat Product Sheet