7000 DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker

The FKAB T36C is 7000 dwt / 7800m3 stainless steel tanker for chemical (IMO II and III)
and oil products.
The hull is optimized to acheive maximum cargo intake, for low fuel consumption and designed for excellent performance in calm/ harsh weather conditions.
The vessel is divided into 14 cargo tanks, 2 drain tanks on deck, consisting of 14 cargo
Cargo denisty 1,84 ton/m3 and 2,20 ton/m3 when partly filled.
All tanks built in Duplex stainless steel 2205.
Each cargo tank fitted with individual deep well cargo pump.
The propulsion system consits of one four stroke medium speed diesel engine directly coupled via a gear to the controllable pitch propeller.
Main engine and auxiiary engines are connected to SCR NOx cleaning for TIER III. SOx compliance regulation is acheived by
use of LSFO or MGO fuel.
The ship is designed for Finnish/Swedish ice class, ICE 1A.

Main figures

Loading rate 1 500 m3/h
Discharge rate 1 500 m3/h
Economical service speed 13,4 knots at design draught 85% SMCR with 15% sea margin, with clean hull and 200kW output of the shaft generator.

Main particulars

Length over all 109,90 m
Length between PP 106,10 m
Breadth mld 18,40 m
Depth mld 9,20 m
Draught design 7,20 m
Draught scantling 7,20 m
Deadweight at design/scantling draught 7000 tonnes
Cargo capacity 7800 m3
HFO/MDO tanks 300 m3
MGO tanks 50 m3
Technical FW tanks 60 m3
Domestic FW tanks 160 m3
Water ballast 3000 m3

Main engine Four stroke, medium speed engine, 3480 kW (MCR) at 720 rpm
Aux engines 1 x 300 kW and 2 x 550 kW
Shaft generator 800 kW (PTO)
Boilers 2x oil fired boilers 2x 2750 kW
Bow thruster 500 kW
Cargo pumps deepwell, electric 14 pcs
Loading 1500 m3/h
Discharge 1500m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 300 m3/h
Nitogen system N2 generator
Accommodation 17+ 1 pilot cabin pers
Ice class 1A


+ 1A1 Tanker for Chemicals and oil products, ESP, ICE (1A), EO, TMON, BIS, NAUT(OC), Clean (Tier III), ER (Tier III, SCR), ETC, VCS(2), BWM(T), HL(1,86), Coat- PC(B),LCS, Gas Ready (D,S,MEC), Recyclable


Download GEFO T36C product sheet