6000 DWT Stainless steel chemical tanker

The FKAB T41 is a 6000DWT tanker, double hull TIER III stainless steel for chemical and oil products (IMO type II and III). It is designed for trading in SECA area with low fuel consumption, low emissions and high cargo capacity.
The vessel has diesel electrical propulsion consisting of 3 x 1250kW gen sets LNG/ duel fuel engines with 2 x1400ekW electrical motor, and twin skeg/twin screws for low fuel oil consumption and high redundancy. Design speed is 13,0 knots at 90% SMCR (in calm sea, deep sea), crusing range 6000 on LNG.
All engines and gen sets fulfill Tier III requirement and are driven by LNG with cruisng range of 6000nm. The vessel is divided into 12 cargo tanks with 12 cargo pumps with each capacity of 200m3/h. Cargo capacity with density of 1,54ton/m3 and 1,85ton/m3 when partly filled. two cargo tanks are dedicated for slop tanks in accordance with the rules. The tanks are stainless steel in ferritic-austenitic steel type, type 2205.
For good maneuvering there are two high lift flap rudders. with twin FPP propellers (Kappel or equivalent)


Length over all 105,60 m
Breadth mld 16,50 m
Depth mld 9,60 m
Draught design 6.50 m
Deadweight at design draught 6000 tonnes
Cargo capacity incl. slop tanks 6500 m3
LNG tanks 2x 200m3
FW tanks 65 m3
Technical FW tanks 245 m3
Propulsion e-motors: 2 x 1 400 ekW
Aux engines 3 x 1250 kW DF LNG
FPP twin propeller 2x Ø 3.2 m
Bow thruster  500 kW
Hybrid Battery Bank: 250 kWh
Cargo pumps 12 x 200 m3/h
N2 Plant 1,25 x discharge rate
Slop pump 150 m3/h
Boiler, thermal oil heaters 2 x heater
(according to demand)
Exhaust gas heater 1 x max
(as per main Gen. sets)
Accommodation 10 persons
Design Speed 13,0 knots
Optional: Duel fuel ready


DNV-GL 1A Tanker for chemical and oil products, ESP EO NAUT-OC VCS-2 HL (1.5), BIS BWM-T TMON,
COMF-V(3), CCO ETC SHIP TYPE 2, ss, k, a2, b3, c3, v3, f2, str 0.075 (including Propylene Oxide in 4 tanks)

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