38 500 m3 Chemical Tanker, Optimized for Great Lakes



The FKAB T26 design is a 38,500 m3 Chemical Tanker optimized in accordance with maximum size for the Great Lakes.

Each tank is equipped with one submerged deep well pump frequently controlled and arranged with a super drain pipe. Simultaneous discharge and loading of seven grades. Maximum discharging and loading capacity 3 200 m3/h. The vapor system is divided into forward and aft.

A fixed ventilation system with heater and capacity of 30 000 Nm3/hour. An inert gas system of scrubber type with capacity of 3 500 m3/h and one nitrogen generator for purging.

Cargo heating system consists of one primary and one secondary saturated steam system. Heat exchanger on deck. The complete cargo piping system in stainless steel and cargo tanks coated with phenolic epoxy coating.

Accommodation for thirty two persons. The bridge wings are closed. Shaft generator for variable RPM for the best combination of pitch and propeller revolution at each speed and draught are considered. The FKAB T26 is designed for good maneuvering through a high lift rudder and bow thruster. Heat recovery systems are installed where commercial feasible.


Main figures

Cargo cubic capacity, (100%) 38 500 m3
Deadweight at design draught 32 200 tonnes
Service speed 14,5 knots at 85 % output and 15 % sea margin


Main particulars

Length between over all 199,95 m
Lengtth between PP 189,6 m
Breadth mld 23,75 m
Breadth extreme 24,1 m
Depth mld 15,7 m
Draught design 10,75 m
Propeller 1 x CPP
HFO tanks 1 600 m3
MDO tanks 170 m3

Fresh Water tanks 500 m3
Main engine 8 500 kW
Aux engines 3 x 700 kW
Shaft generator 1 500 kW
Boiler capacity 2 x 3500 kW
Bow thruster 1 400 kW
Cargo pumps 14 x 450 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 600 m3/h
Accommodation 32 persons



Det Norske Veritas +1A1, Tanker for Oil Products/Chemicals, ESP, Ship Type 2, H1 (1,6 t/m3), EO, ETC, Str 0,1, CCO, NAUT-AW, TMON, LCS (SID) Ice 1A, Clean, Inert, BWM-T

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