FKAB MR Tanker

38 000 DWT Tanker for Oil Products & Chemical

The FKAB MR is a 38 000 DWT, IMO type 2, ice class 1B tanker for oil products and chemicals. Designed for worldwide unrestricted operations and with main particulars that meet Venice restrictions.

The tanker is divided into 2 x 8 pairs of cargo tanks plus 1 pair of slop tanks, pure epoxy coated. Cargo system have been designed for 9 grades. Each cargo and slop tank is equipped with a deep well pump, driven by frequency controlled electric motor or hydraulic motor. Cargo SG 1 025 t/m3 full and 1.54 t/m3 at partial load.

The hull form is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions. The propulsion is provided by a low speed diesel engine directly coupled to a fixed pitch propeller. The propeller can be integrated to rudder to a hydrodynamic efficient unit. A shaft generator can be installed with a frequency convertor in order to save fuel costs at normal sea going conditions.


Main particulars

Length overall 186.0 m
Length bp 180.0 m
Breadth 32.2 m
Depth 16.0 m
Draught design 9.30 m
Deadweight 32 500 t
Draught scantling 10.30 m
Deadweight 37 800 t
Cargo capacity 45 000 m3
HFO tanks 800 m3
MGO tanks 200 m3
FW tanks 400 m3
Accomodation 28

M/E SMCR 6 500 kW x 79 rpm
Model 2 stroke
Service speed 14.0 knots at 70% of SMCR
M/E DFOC 17.9 t/d (Tier II) 16,8 t/d* (Tier II)
Diesel gensets 3 x 900 kW
Steam boiler 16 t/h
Cargo pump 16 x 400 m3/h
Inergt gas plant 1 x 4 000 m3/h
Ballast pump 2 x 750 m3/h
BW Treatment 2 x 750 m3/h

*With low friction paint



LR +100A1 Double Hull Oil and Chemical Tanker Ship Type2, CSR, ESP, ShipRight (CM, ACS(B)) Ice Class 1B FS, *IWS, LI, SPM4, ECO (BWT, IHM, Nox-3, VECS-L, TC) +LMC, IGS, UMS, NAV1, CCS, With the Descriptive Notes “ShipRight (BWMP (T), SCM, SERS)”


Download FKAB MR Tanker Product Sheet