FKAB T39/Clarksons Platou

16 000 m3 /14 200 DWT Product & Chemical Tanker

The FKAB/Clarksons Platou T39 is a 16 000 m3, 14 200 DWT, TIER II oil product tanker for chemicals (IMO II and III) and oil products. It is designed for world wide trade, low fuel consumption and cargo capacity with a density of 1,54 ton/m3. It´s hull form is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions.

This Vessel is divided into 12 cargo tanks and 2 drain tanks on deck, comprising of 6 grades. Ballast tanks protect the cargo tanks. One cargo tank is dedicated for slop tank and equipped in accordance with the rules. A catwalk above deck with entrances is arranged. Cables and pipes are located beneath the catwalk, which is extended from poop to forecastle.

The vessel is ready for SCR systems in compliance with IMO Tier III NOx emission limits.
There is no SOx scrubber is installed.

Manning is based on a crew of 15 in single cabins.

The propulsion system consists of one four-stroke medium speed diesel engine directly coupled via a gear to the controllable pitch propeller. Main engine and Auxiliary engines will use box cooling systems. “Take me home” / “Take me away” is powered by via a shaft generator in PTI mode coupled to the gear. The shaft generator is connected via a frequency converter allowing optimum propeller rpm at various speeds.


Main Particulars

Cargo cubic capacity, incl. slop tanks (100%) 16 000 m3
Deadweight at design draught 14 200 tonnes
Loading rate 1 200 m3/h to two tanks through any manifold
Discharge rate 2 100 m3/h


All data and main particulars

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