21 500 m3 Chemical and Oil Product Tanker

The FKAB T24-series are 21 000 m3 tankers for Chemicals (IMO II) and Oil Products, they are designed for low fuel consumption and high cargo capacity in an ECA area trade. The hull form is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions.

FKAB T24A – Slightly longer, narrower and deeper for optimum fuel economy
FKAB T24B – Shorter, wider and low draught
FKAB T24C – Canal restrictions and less draught

The difference lies only in the main particulars, your trade will choose version. The complete cargo piping system in stainless steel and the cargo tanks coated with MarineLine.
Six cargo segregations are possible and give also a possibility to carry heavy chemicals of a density up to 1.54 tonnes/m3.
The vessel is equipped with a low speed engine with low fuel oil consumption allowing a large propeller with high propulsion efficiency.
Main fuel is LNG with fuel tanks on deck and MGO as backup and pilot-fuel. The tanker is however designed to be additionally equipped for using FO, both as main fuel or only as pilot fuel.
The vessel is designed for good ice performance with Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1A. Fitted with a retractable bow thruster for maneuverability and “Take me home” propulsion.


Main particulars

Length Over All 154.0 m
Length between PP 149.5 m
Breadth moulded 22.8 m
Breadth max 23.0 m
Depth moulded 12.8 m
Draught design 8.8 m
Cargo tanks about 21 500 m3
Deadweight at design draught, 9.1 m 17 000 Tonnes
Loading rate 1 200 m3/h
Discharging rate 2 000 m3/h
LNG tanks about 2 x 200m3
MGO/FO tanks about 400 m3
Technical FW tanks about 350 m3
FW tanks about 50 m3
Water Ballast tanks about 7 700 m3

CP propeller ø 5.8 m
Main Engine 5 000 kW
Auxiliary Engines 3 x 750 kW
Shaft generator 1 000kW
Thermal oil boilers 2 x 2 900 kW
Bow thruster 1 000 kW
Cargo pumps 12 x 330 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 500 m3/h
Accommodation 17 persons
Speed at 8.8 m and 59 % MCR 13.0 knots
Gas propulsion 10.0 ton LNG/day, 1.6 ton Pilot oil/day
Gross Tonnage/ Net Tonnage T.B.N
Energy Efficiency Design Index 7.0



DNV + 1A1 Tanker for Oil Products/ Chemicals, ESP, GAS FUELLED, ICE 1A, EO, HL (1,54), TMON, BIS, NAUT-AW, CLEAN, INERT, AP-2 (20 %), ETC, LCS-DC, VCS-2, BWM-T, COMF C(3), COMF V(3).


Download T24 Product Sheet