8000 m3 bunker vessel

The FKAB T52 is an 8000 m3 vessel designed, for both bunkering operations and the transportations of clean petroleum products in coastel areas.
It is developped with high standard accommodation and modern equipment while offering the ability of carrying six different cargo grades.
The vessel is planned for very low fuel consumption at an ecospeed of 12,5 knots at 85% MCR and with15% sea margin and shaft generator at 200kW PTO, at design draught.
These vessels propulsions comply with IMO NOx emission regulation Tier II.
Option: Tier III compliance by SCR systems with FO/MDO/MGO fuel and is LNG ready.
The vessel is designed with good manoeuvrability performance.


Length over all 110.00 m
Length between pp 106.10 m
Breadth mld 18.40 m
Depth mld 9.20 m
Draught design 7.20 m
Deadweight at design draught 7400 t
Cargo capacity abt 8000 m3
HFO/MDO tanks abt 300 m3
MGO tanks abt 60 m3
Technical FW tanks abt 160 m3
Potable fresh water tanks abt 80 m3
Main engine Four stroke medium speed 3000 kW at abt 750 rpm
Aux engines 3 x 450 kW
Shaft generator 800 kW
Oiled fire thermal boiler 1500 kW
Bow thruster 500 kW
Cargo pumps 5 x 450 m3/h
Cargo slop pumps 1 x 300 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 400 m3/h
Accommodation 15 + 2 (owner, spare) pers


DNVGL+1A Tanker for Oil products ESP, EO, TMON, BIS, CLEAN, Recyclable,VCS(2)
BWM(T), Coat PSPC (B) Gas ready (D,S, MEC),

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