11 100 m3 Stainless Steel Chemical & Product Tanker

The FKAB T27 is a 11 100 m3 stainless steel tanker for Chemicals (IMO II) and Oil Products. It is designed for low fuel consumption and high cargo capacity with a density of 1,54 ton/m3 in an SECA area trade. The hull form is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions.

All 14 cargo tanks and its system in stainless steel.
Pipe tunnel is arranged in the double bottom and on weathar deck, containing all pipes and equipment.
The vessel is equipped with a low speed engine without gear, enabling a large propeller, with high propulsion efficiency.
The tanker is designed for good ice performance with Finish/Swedish Ice Class 1B.

Main figures

Cargo cubic capacity, incl sloptanks (100%) 11 100 m3
Deadweight at design draught 9 000 ton
Loading rate/tank pair 1 000 m3
Discharge rate 1 200 m3/h 
Service speed at design draught 75 % MCR with 10% sea margin 13.0 knots
Fuel consumption at 13,0 knots MGO 8,65 ton/day

Main particulars

Length over all 129,5 m
Length between PP 124,8 m
Breadth mld 20,0 m
Depth mld 9.6 m
Draught design 7,0 m
Draught scantling 7.5 m
Deadweight at design draught 9 000 ton
Deadweight at scantling draught 9 500 ton
Cargo capacity 11 100 m3
HFO tanks 400 m3
DO tanks 125 m3

Technical FW tanks 160 m3
Domestic FW tanks 90 m3
Water ballast 5 000 m3
Main engine Two stroke Dual Fuel abt 5500 kW at abt 100 rpm
Aux engines 2 x 500 and 1 x 1300 kW
Shaft generator 550 kW
Bow thruster 500 kW
Cargo pumps 14 x 200 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 400 m3/h
Accommodation 20 pers


DNV*1A1 Tanker for Oil Products/Chemicals, ESP, Ice 1B, EO, HL(1,54), TMON, BIS, NAUT-AW, Clean, INERT, ETC, BWM-T.

Download T27 product sheet