10 000 m3 Oil and Chemical Tanker



The FKAB T25 design is a 10 000 m3 tankers for Chemicals (IMO II) and Oil Products, which are design for low fuel consumption and tailor made for the trade in an ECA area. The hull form is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions. A deck trunk from forecastle to poop, containing most of the cargo equipments.

Each tank is equipped with one submerged deep well pump. One super stripping system is installed. The heating system consists of one primary and one secondary thermal oil system with deck heaters or heating coils in tanks depending on final cargo list.
The complete cargo piping system in stainless steel and the cargo tanks coated with phenolic epoxy coating. Twelve cargo segregations with six cargo tanks. One nitrogen(N2)plant with capacity of 400 m3/h N2, 95 %. Accommodation for twelve persons, all in single cabins. The bridge wings are closed and fore-castle sheltered.

The main fuel is LNG, from storage tanks forward, with a capacity for a round trip Oslo- Kirkenes. The main engine is a duel fuel engine. The auxiliaries are running on MGO. PTO/PTI or other suitable solutions for redundant propulsion are considered. The FKAB T25 is designed for low fuel consumption with among others are slender well balanced hull, large propeller and smart energy use. Shaft generator for variable RPM for the best combination of pitch and propeller revolution at each speed and draught are considered.

The FKAB T25 is designed for good maneuvering through a high lift rudder and abow thruster. Heat recovery systems are installed where commercial feasible.


Main figures

Cargo cubic capacity, (100%) 10 000 m3
Deadweight at design draught 9 700 tonnes
Service speed 13,0 knots


Main particulars

Length over all 123 m
Length between PP 119,2 m
Breadth mld 19,4 m
Depth mld 10,7 m
Draught design 8,2 m
LNG tanks 300 m3
MDO tanks 200 m3
Fresh Water tanks 50 m3
Technical Fresh Water tank 300 m3

Water ballast abt. 4 500 m3
Cargo pumps 12 x 450 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 400 m3/h
Accommodation 12 persons, all in single cabins
Main engine 3 000 kW
Aux engines 3×700 kW
Shaft generator 600 kW
Boiler capacity 2 x 1 750 kW
Bow thruster 500 kW



Det Norske Veritas +1A1, Tanker for Oil Products/Chemicals, ESP, GAS FUELLED, ICE 1C,EO, TMON, BIS, NAUT-AW, CLEAN, INERT, AP-2 (20 %), ETC, LSC-DC, VCS-2, BWM-T, COMF C(3), COMF V(3)


Fuel oil consumption



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