Multi Gas Carrier


The FKAB/IMS L7 is a tailor made Multi Gas Carrier for transportation of LPG/LEG/LNG for particular trades, with optimized cargo volume by using three very well insulated bilobe tanks, classified by IMO as “Independent tank type C” .Each tank is equipped with two submerged deep well pumps. The cargo system is designed for two segregations in any combination of cargo tanks and connected to one deck tank for changing of cargo grades.

The main fuel is LNG, from storage tanks or from LNG boil-off .The main engine and auxiliaries can also run on HFO or MDO. The FKAB/IMS L7 is designed for low fuel consumption with among others a slender well balanced hull, large propeller and smart energy use. Shaft generator for variable RPM for the best combination of pitch and propeller revolution at each speed and draught.

The FKAB/IMS L7 is designed for good maneuvering through a high lift rudder and bow thruster and “take me home” proplusion through PTI, which also can be used boosting the speed. Heat recovery systems are installed where commercial feasible.


Main figures

Cargo cubic capacity, (100 %) 22 000 m3
Design- pressure/ temperature 4,1 bar/ -164 °C
Deadweight at design draught 15 500 tonnes
Service speed 15,5 knots


Length over all 165 m
Length between PP Breadth mld 159,2 m
Breadth mld 27,0 m
Depth mld 14,8 m
Draught design 9,0 m
Cargo capacity 22 000 m3
Tank for change of grades 250 m3
HFO tanks 1 200 m3

MDOtanks 200 m3
LNG tanks 2×500 m3
Main engine 7 800 kW
Aux engines 3×1 000 kW
Shaft generator 1 000 kW
Bow thruster 1 200 kW
Cargo pumps 6 x 500 m3/h
Accommodation 25 pers, all in single cabins



If the total length has to be limited to 160 m or even more, the fuel consumption will increase with 1 % for every meter reduction down to 160 m and even more if the length has to be reduced below 160 m.



Germanischer Lloyd +100 A5 Liquified Gas Carrier Type 2G BWM(D2) IW ERS +MC AUT RI INERT GF BGF E4


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