LNG feeder vessel

The FKAB L2 design is tailor made for regional distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The LNG is stored in three insulated cargo tanks of bilobe type, classified by IMO as ”Independent Type C”. They have spherical heads and a design pressure of 4.1 barg. Each tank is equipped by two submerged deep well pumps for easy discharging. The discharge capacity is 6 x 300 m3/h.

The FKAB L2 main fuel is boil-off gas and regasified LNG from the cargo tanks. This will reduce fuel cost when operating the vessel. Despite this the L2 is designed to be as energy efficient as possible with amongst other a slender hull and a heat recovery system. These measures reduce costs further but will also reduce the environmental footprint of the vessel. To maintain flexibility and for emergency use the machinery is of dual fuel type and the vessel has capacity to carry MGO as fuel also.

Main particulars

Length over all 158.4 m
Length between PP 147.2 m
Breadth mld 24.0 m
Depth mld 12.0 m
Draught design 6.2 m
Corresponding deadweight 7 300 tonnes
Cargo cubic capacity, 100% 16 500 m3
All figures above are preliminary

Marine diesel oil capacity 200 m3
Water ballast capacity 5 800 m3
Main engine (MCR) 5 200 kW Service speed
(85% MCR, 15% sea margin) 15.2 knots
Accommodation 15 pers
Gross tonnage 11 800


Det Norske Veritas: + 1A1, Tanker for liquefied gas, Double hull IMO type 2G gas tanker (-163ºC, 4.1 bar), ICE 1A, E0. Other classification societies are also possible.

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