Bunker tanker for LNG & light marine oils

FKAB Marine Design’s world unique LNG Bunker Tanker can carry both liquefied natural gas and light marine oils and deliver the products at highest possible safety standards. The FKAB L1 both delivers and runs on environmental friendly energy. With pure LNG propulsion the FKAB L1 is one of the most environmentally friendly tankers on the world seas. The FKAB L1 bunker tanker complies with the coming IMO regulations on both SOX (2015) and NOX (2016) emissions for ECA areas.

High capacity cargo pumps and uncomplicated distribution system ensures fast and effortless bunker operations. Flow meter on both cargo systems guarantees accurate deliveries.

Safety has top priority therefore the L1 is equipped with redundant propulsion machinery consisting of two azimuth thrusters and a azimuth bow thruster, which can be used for assisted propulsion. This set up assures good and safe manoeuvrability at all draughts and at all times.

The L1 Bunker Tanker has Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1B.

Main particulars

Length over all 67.6 m
Length between PP 61.0 m
Breadth mld 11.6 m
Depth main deck 4.8 m
Draught design 3.5 m
Deadweight at design draught 850 tonnes
LNG carrying capacity 800 m3
Light Marine Oil capacity 500 m3

Discharging rate LNG 2 x 400 m3/h
Discharging rate Light Marine Oil 300 m3/h
Main engines 2 x 675 kW pure gas engines (Biogas or LNG)
Azimuth thrusters 2 x Electrical driven Azimuth thrusters
Bow thruster 300 kW Azimuth
Accommodation 8 pers
Speed (service) 12.5 knots


Det Norske Veritas: + 1A1, Tanker for liquefied gas, Double hull IMO type 2G gas tanker (-163deg C, 5bar), ICE 1B, E0, CLEAN DESIGN.
LR + 100 A1 Tanker for liquefied gas, Double hull IMO type 2G gas tanker (-163deg C, 5bar), ICE 1B + LMC, GF, PSMR, EP (N)(S).

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