ESL Alppila

18 800 DWT Open hatch bulk carrier

Alppila is a general cargo carrier designed for carrying all type of general cargoes as well as pure bulk cargos. The vessel is arranged with three cargo holds and designed for worldwide service. Furthermore the vessel complies with St Lawrence Regulations.
The cargo area is protected with double bottom underneath and wing tanks at sides. Top of the holds is covered with foldable hatch covers.
The propulsion system consists of one low speed diesel engine (HFO/MDO) directly connected to a controllable pitch propeller. An electrically driven bow thruster takes its power from existing diesel generators/shaft generators.


Main particulars

Length over all 155.4 m
Length between PP 146.0 m
Breadth mld 25.2 m
Depth mld 12.8 m
Draught design 9.0 m
Draught scantling 9.39 m
Deadweight design draught 18 800 tonnes
Cargo capacity 22 925 m3
HFO tanks 1 105 m3
DO tanks 115 m3
FW tanks 140 m3
Water ballast 8 960 m3

Distributed loads:
On tank top 14.48 tonnes/m2
Main engine 8 060 kW
CP propeller Ø 5.6 m
Aux engines 3 x 900 kW
Shaft generator 840 kW
Bow thruster 600 kW
Stern thruster 600 kW
Cargo grab cranes 3 x 30 tonnes/12.5 m3 grab
Ballast pumps 3 x 30 tonnes/28 m
Accommodation 17 pers
Speed (9.0 m) 85% MCR 14.5 knots



Lloyd’s Register: 100A1, Bulk carrier strengthened for heavy cargoes, one cargo hold may be empty, ESP, LMC, UMS, SCM, IWS, NAVI and Ice Class 1AS. Finnish Ice Class 1A Super.


Product Sheet

Download Alppila product sheet