Transatlantic Nordön & Sandön

16 600 DWT Box type general cargo vessel

Nordön & Sandön design is a box type bulk carrier designed for heavy cargo, grain and grab handling with three cargo holds, for world wide services and especially in Nordic waters.
The cargo area is protected with double bottom underneath and wing tanks at sides and top of holds are covered with hatch covers. The holds are divided by a double transverse bulkhead but the holds are smooth and clean from inside structure.
The propulsion system consists of one slowspeed diesel engine coupled to a controllable pitch propeller driven. The vessel is classified for ice-class 1A super.


Main figures

Cargo cubic capacity, incl sloptanks (100%) 22 700 m3
Deadweight at design draught 18 600 tonnes
Loading rate 1 600 m3/hr, 800 m3/h to two cargo tanks
Discharge rate 1 960 m3/h

Economical service speed 13,0 knots at design draught 61% SMCR with 10% sea margin and 10% output of the shaft generator.
Fuel consumption at economical service speed at design draught, 55% SMCR with 10% seamargin, no output of the shaft generator MGO 12,1 ton/day)


Main particulars

Length over all 142.5 m
Length between PP 132.4 m
Breadth mld 22.0 m
Depth mld 12.8 m
Draught design 7.92 m
Draught scantling 9.37 m
Deadweight 16 612 tonnes
Cargo capacity 653 600 cft
HFO tanks 1 015 m3
DO tanks 150 m3
FW tanks 90 m3
Water ballast 6 505 m3

Distributed loads:
On hatch covers 2.0 tonnes m2
On tween deck covers 4.0 tonnes m2
On tank top 14.0 tonnes m2
Main engine 7 175 kW
CP propeller Ø 5.0 m
Aux engines 3 x 680 kW
Shaft generator 1 200 kW
Bow thruster 1 000 kW
Thermal oil boiler 1 500 kW
Cargo grab cranes 3 x 35 tonnes/29 m
Ballast pumps 2 x 600 m3/h
Accommodation 17 pers
Speed (7.92 m) 85% MCR 15.5 knots



BUREAU VERITAS: I 3/3 E +Cargo-/Container ship, MACH, AUT-UMS. Equipped for carriage of dangerous goods.


Product Sheet

Download Nordön och Sandön product sheet