Terra Ferre 501

Push Split Hopper Barge 3.800 m3

The design is a 3,800 m3 Push Spilt Hopper Barge, redesigned from a towed Split Hopper Barge.
The split hopper is 192’0” x 39’6”, with capacity of about 3,800m3. One adjustable overflow is fitted close to aft end of hopper

A new non-split section, with a notch fitted, adapted for an existing tug bow shape (a pusher), was built, replacing the hull aft of the cylinder room. A hinge system was designed, connecting the aft non-split section with the splitable hopper part.

When splitting the barge, the connection system works to ensure aft non-split compartment keeps horizontal, enabling the pusher to be connected to the barge during the entire operation.

Adjustable flap is fitted at aft part to improve the maneuverability in both towing and pushing condition.
The FKAB split hopper push design is a unique design for a push tug working with a split hopper barge.

Main particulars

Cargo cubic capacity, (100%) 3.800 m3
Deadweight at design draught 5.593 tonnes
Length between overall 94,3 m
Breadth mld 16.548 m

Depth, mld 7.163 m
Navigation Draught 5.1 m
Dredging Draught 5.8 m



Bureau Veritas:
I + Hull Split Hopper Unit • Mach No Propulsion, Unrestricted Navigation
Operation area notations: Dredging area T=5.8 m, Dredging within 15 miles from shore or within 20 miles from port, Unrestricted navigation area T=5.1 m


Download Terra Ferre 501 Product Sheet