KAO 505

2 400 m3 TSHD

The Vessel is designed and constructed as a twin shaft with nozzles, diesel driven trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) with machinery space and all accommodations including Navigation Bridge located aft. Pump room is located forwards of the Hopper space. Dredging up to 25 m.

Free passage from engine room to pumproom forward. Above this passage way waterballast tanks and fuel oil tanks are located.
The dredger is fitted with one trailer suction pipe. The load can be discharge through two rows of single type box-shaped bottom doors, by back-pumping ti the seabed or into a trench through the suction pipe, over the bow as rainbowing or through the bow connection to a pipe line. The dredgepump, located in the pumproom driven by a diesel engine through a reduction gear box.

Main particulars

Hopper capacity 2 400 m3
Length over all 83,3 m
Length between PP 75,0 m
Breadth mld 15,9 m
Depth mld 4,5 m
Draught navigation 4,5 m
Draught dredging 5,0 m

Deadweightnavigation 2 816 tonnes
Gross Tonnage 2 682 tonnes
Crew 20
Service Speed 11,0 Knots
Dredging depth 25 m
Main engine 2 x 500 kW
Bow thruster 300 kW



BV I +Hull +Mach, Hopper Dredger, Unrestrictednavigation – dredging over 15 miles from shore. CPS (WBT).


Download KAO 505 Product Sheet