Backhoe pontoon dredger w/Liebherr P9800

The FKAB/HollandMT Dredge-X800 design is a Backhoe Pontoon Dredger accommodating a Liebherr P9800. The Dredge-X800 is fitted with 2 fixed spuds and one ”walking” forward spud. All spuds can be tilted by cylinders, with wires still attached and can be fastened horizontal on deck for (sea-) towage. The hull is a sturdy welded construction with double bottom and sides.

The hydraulics of the excavator is driven by electric motors located in the excavator. Electric power is generated by diesel generators, located in a dedicated engine room in the pontoon and are cooled by box coolers. Hydraulic power for spud operations (hoisting, lowering, tilting) is generated by a powerpack installed in the pontoon.

A number of boom, stick and bucket arrangements are available as well as other attachments like grabs, rippers, etc.
Accommodation is located at the forward end of the vessel, suitable for 9 persons.

Main particulars

Dredging depth ~26.0 m
Excavator Liebherr P9800
Length over all 70.2 m
Breadth mld 20.0 m
Depth mld 4.0/5.5 m
Draught ~3.5 m

Dredging depth ~26.0 m
Excavator Liebherr P9800
Generator power 3 500 kW
Harbour/emergency generator power 150 kW
Accomodation 9 persons



  • Propulsion for positioning
  • Extended accommodation
  • Service crane
  • Various backhoe attachments


Download Dredge-X800 Product Sheet