Backhoe Pontoon Dredger Komatsu PC5500

Baldur is a Backhoe Pontoon Dredger accommodating a Komatsu PC5500. But is prepared for a future installation of a Bucyrus RH400. Baldur is fitted with 2 fixed spuds and one ”walking” forward spud. All spuds can be tilted and can be fastened horizontal on deck for (sea-) towage. All spuds are fitted with two winches which will prevent from losing a spud in case of wire breaks.

The hull is a sturdy welded construction with double bottom and sides. Spuds are made for a depth of 24 m and are prepared for a future lengthening to 30 m depth.
Electric power is generated by diesel generators, located in a dedicated engine room in the pontoon and are cooled by box coolers. Hydraulic power for spud operations (hoisting, lowering, tilting) is generated by a powerpack installed in the pontoon.

A number of boom, stick and bucket arrangements are available as well as other attachments like grabs, rippers, etc.
Accommodation is located at the forward end of the vessel, suitable for 12 persons.

Main particulars

Dredging depth 19 m (future 30 m)
Length over all 73.1 m
Breadth mld 19.0 m
Depth mld 5.5 m
Draught 3.38 m
Dredging depth 19.0 m

Excavator Komatsu PC5500
Total installed power 3 160 kW
Accomodation 12 persons
Spud length 34.0 m
Bucket capacity 24 m3


Download Baldur Product Sheet