Alvar Nuñez

3 400 m3 Trailing suction hopper dredger

Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca and Sebastiano Caboto are dredgers specifically designed for operation in shallow waters with hopper capacity of 3 400 m3 and a loaded draught of only 5 meters.
The new hopper dredgers are under construction and will be delivered in 2011 by Tianjin Xinhe Shipyard in the Peoples Republic of China.

Main particulars

Hopper capacity 3 400 m3
Deadweight at dredging draught 4 800 tonnes
Length over all 93.25 m
Length between PP 81.00 m
Breadth mld 19.80 m
Depth mld 7.00 m
Deadweight at dredging mark 3 400 dwt
Dredging draught 5.00 m
Hopper capacity 3 400 m3
FO tanks 400 m3

FW tanks 100 m3
Water ballast (fore peak) 250 m3
Main generators 3 x 1 350 kW
Rudder propellers 2 sets
Dredgepump drive 2 000 kW
Bow thruster 350 kW
Deck crane fore 10 kN
Deck crane aft 180 kN
Accomodation 14 pers
Speed (mean draught 4.50 m) 10.0 knots



BUREAU VERITAS: I HULLMACH AUT-UMS, Hopper Dredger, Unrestricted navigation.


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