FKAB I15 Continental Bitumen

20 000m3 Bitumen & Oil Product Tanker

The FKAB I15 design is a bitumen, chemical and product oil tanker with independent cargo tanks
for bitumen and asphalt with a temperature of up to 200°C. The vessel is designed with single
bottom and double sides for ballast water.
The high temperature variations require special design considerations, mainly because of
thermal expansion of tanks and pipes. The cargo tanks consist of two blocks, forward and aft of
the pump-room, with four and six tanks respectively in each block.The cargo tank support are
arranged in such a way that it allows free expansion in all direction. There is no structure inside
the cargo tanks.
Propulsion is provided by a four (4) stroke, medium speed diesel engine with a gearbox fitted
with and shaft generator for PTO and PTH coupled to a CP-propeller. Power for take me home,
PTH, from auxiliary engines.
In order to save fuel the shaft generator is connected via a frequency converter allowing
optimum propeller rpm at various speed.
The vessel is designed for a service speed of 13,0 knots at 75% MCR with 15% sea margin,
with clean hull, at a draught and even keel with an output from the shaft generator of 250 kW.
Fuel consumption of main engine in LNG mode at 13.0 knots at design draught excluding shaft
generator and excluding sea margin under ISO standard ambient conditions and LCV 48,000
kJ/kg to be about: 11.9 ton per day
Fuel consumption of main engine in MGO mode at 13.0 knots at design draught excluding shaft
generator and excluding sea margin under ISO standard ambient conditions and LCV 42,700
kJ/kg to be about: 13.8 ton per day
Effective LNG tank volume to cover a cruising range of 11700 nm.

Main Particulars

Length over all 169.90 m
Length between PP 165.20 m
Breadth mld 28.20 m
Depth mld 13.90m
Draught design 9.20 m
Draught scantling 9.80 m
Deadweight at design draught 21 500 tonnes
Deadweight at scantling draught 23 500 tonnes
Cargo capacity 20 000 m3
LNG tanks 1 400 m3
MGO tanks 350 m3
Technical FW tanks 80 m3
Domestic FW tanks 120 m3
Water ballast 10 000 m3

Main engine Four stroke, medium speed DF
5500 kW at MCR, 700-750 rpm
Aux engines 1 x 1 400 kW and 1 x 500kW
Shaft generator/ motor 1 400 kW
2 x DF fired thermal oil heaters 2 x 2400 kW
1 x ME exhaust gas heated thermal oil heater
Cargo pumps 3 x 400 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 350 m3/h
Accommodation 19 pers
UPS battery 400 kWh
Designed for full UPS preventing from black out

Class Notation

BUREAU VERITAS: I +HULL +MACH, Oil tanker/Asphalt carrier flash point >60°C, max cargo temp.200 ºC,
Dualfuel, Unrestricted navigation, ICE 1C, AUT-IMS, SYS-NEQ, SYS-IBS, MON-SHAFT, Inwater survey,
COMF-NOISE 3, COMF-VIB 3, Tier III, Clean ship super, GREEN PASSPORT.

Download FKAB I15 Continental Bitumen Product sheet