Fuel Conversion for Utkilen A/S

The Stainless Steel Chemical tankers of 9900 DWT, Mostraum, Vikstraum, Saltstraum & Sydstraum, are converted to Dual Fuel propulsion to run on LNG/LBG/Diesel.
The vessels were designed by FKAB, with a Gas Ready notation to ensure future fuel conversion possibilities, and FKAB have made the conversion documentation, calculations etc. in cooperation with the owner and involved suppliers.
The LNG/LBG tank sizes are 2×170 m3

Methanol Conversion for Stena Line, M/S Stena Germanica

The vessel was converted to Methanol as the main fuel for the four main engines to lower Sulphur emissions from the exhaust gases.

FKAB scope:

  • Survey of the existing vessels
  • The design of the methanol system
  • The design of the surrounding and supplying system to the methanol installation
  • The Hazid procedures
  • Design of a new methanol pump room outside engine room
  • Design of methanol tanks as double bottom tanks
  • Pipe routing of methanol pipes
  • Methanol high pressure pipes drawing review
  • Technical assistance during conversion

M/T Fure west Converted into Dual Fuel propulsion

  • The Feasibility Study started as an EU project with the aim to determine requirements and conditions of the conversion, which was the base for Owners budget and further actions.
  • A Hazid (risk analysis) was concluded by assistance and approval of Bureau Veritas.
  • The main engine was converted to run on LNG/MDO
  • Two LNG tanks, each with a capacity of 250 m3, was fitted on weather deck forward.
  • A new LNG system including GVU unit installed in the engine room.
  • Some existing equipment in the engine room were re-arranged.
  • New Bunker stations and Vapour return stations were located on the weather deck in the vicinity of the existing manifold.
  • Firefighting system, Hazardous zones and Stability have also been considered and determined.

The conversion after all preparations was concluded within a six weeks period.

Installation of Scrubbers for Yara Marine Technologies & Stena RoRo

Conversion made to fulfil the environmental rules regarding low sulphur emissions from the exhaust gases of the main engines.

FKAB scope:

  • Survey of the existing vessels
  • Suggestion of solutions
  • Conversion procedures
  • Pipe system and equipment arrangements
  • Installation drawings
  • Technical assistance during conversion

Conversion of Aframax Oil Tanker to Semi-submerssible

Conversion of Aframax oil tanker to semi-submersible heavy lift vessel.
The converted SSHLV will be able to transport container cranes, offshore rigs and other heavy cargoes etc.
Cargo can be loaded/unloaded by roll-on/roll-off or floating on / floating off method.
Total area cargo deck is about 170m x 42m.
The full length of cargo deck can be submerged 9m below waterline.