Project management

Thanks to our holistic approach we can manage entire projects and relations between shipyards and other parties. Either we are involved in the first stages, in the final stage or we can manage the project from start to finish. We deliver the right product on time at the agreed price, and take responsibility for planning, management, implementation and follow-up.

For companies with for example increased sales, this can be a tempting offer, enabling on-time delivery. FKAB provides a package deal covering the whole process, including among other things purchasing, of which we have many years experience, and we are always updated as to regulations and changes.

Case LNG Bunkering Ship to Ship
Scope Project management
Client Swedish Marine Technology Forum


LNG bunkering ship to ship in port with demands for short operation time have not been performed before and this procedure has been worked out to handle the specific details of this operation in a safe way. The procedure is made for ship to ship bunkering of LNG in a port environment, with a dedicated bunker ship rapidly delivering the fuel to client ships while cargo and passenger handling is still in progress.

The project has developed a LNG bunkering concept that encompasses both the operational bunkering process and technical solutions needed for ship to ship bunkering of LNG. The conclusion of this study is that LNG bunkering ship to ship is indeed a suitable solution to provide environmentally friendly bunker fuel to larger ships.