Yet another FKAB designed bitumen vessel delivered in oct 2017

Yet another FKAB designed vessel delivered, this time to TSA / Tarbit Shipping AB of Skärhamn. FKAB present this new generation of vessels with its new type of hull lines,which is optimized for low fuel consumption with maximum cargo intake, with highest standard for crew and latest machinery technology. This vessel is built by RMK MARINE in Turkey.

The FKAB design is a bitumen, chemical and product oil tanker with independent cargo tanks for bitumen and asphalt with a temperature of up to 250°C.

The vessel is designed with single bottom and double sides for ballast water. The high temperature variations require special design considerations, mainly because of thermal expansion of tanks and pipes. The cargo tanks consist of two blocks, forward and aft of the pump-room, with five and four tanks respectively in each block. Each tank block is fixed at one point and therefore able to move in all directions, depending on the temperature. There is no structure inside the cargo tanks.

Propulsion is provided by a Four (4) stroke, medium speed diesel engine with a gearbox to be fitted with PTI/PTO and shaft generator coupled to a CPP-propeller. To comply with ice rules the extra power ‘PTI’ can be used from the auxiliaries to the shaft generator. In order to save fuel the shaft generator is connected via a frequency converter allowing optimum propeller rpm at various speed.

FKAB Scope of work

Contract and Basic Design, including:

  • General Arrangement and technical specification for contract
  • General Arrangement and statutory documents
  • Lines plan, CFD and model test assistance
  • Intact and damage stability
  • Noise and vibration
  • Hull structure design
  • Deck outfitting
  • Machinery – engine room design
  • Machinery – system design
  • Hull engineering
  • HVAC
  • Electric, instrumentation and automation