Successful first cargo discharge for SAGA DAWN

SAGA DAWN has completed her first cargo discharge.

Yesterday, 29 April, SAGA DAWN completed her maiden voyage and safely discharged her first cargo in Guangdong, China.
Saga Dawn is the worlds first vessel of its kind with IMO Type A LNG tanks.
This 45 000 m3 LNG vessel for Saga LNG shipping was designed and developed by FKAB Marine Design in cooperation with LNT New Technologies and was built at China Merchants Heavy Industry.
It has been a long journey, abt 10 years, including development, design & building.
The result is great and will be a breakthrough for LNG shipping.
We at FKAB are proud to be part of this journey, and together with the owner and shipyard design this new typ of LNG carrier.

General information about SAGA DAWN

This vessel has a patented LNG tank system named LNT A-BOX, developed by LNG New Technologies, and SAGA DAWN is the first vessel of its kind with such tanks.
This new type A tank is offering cost effective design and easy fabrication enabling new yards to enter the LNG sector.
The tank configuration gives an excellent volume utilization and providing an efficient hull form and ensures almost a closed flat deck area.
The vessel has a deadweight at design draught of 24 500 tonnes/ 29 500 tonnes at freeboard draught and is designed for low fuel consumption & high cargo capacity.
It has a four stroke dual fuel engine and auxiliary engines able to use natural gas.
The vessel concept is named LNT 45 and was developed by FKAB together with LNT New Technologies.
FKAB has been involved both in the project to design the LNG tanks and the Basic Design of the vessel.
Through FKAB’s offices in Sweden and China, FKAB has delivered both Basic Design & Extended Basic Design to the shipyard.
More information about the vessel is found via the below links: