Sirius Orders 7999 DWT

Sirius Shipping AB has ordered two oil/chemical tankers with the latest technology and in compliance with future rules and regulations, such as Tier III, at Avic Dingheng shipyard. This is the 5th project that FKAB signes in less than a year, on a tanker project.

The design is developed in cooperation between FKAB and Sirius and it started already in 2012, under the name “EVOlution”

The design with a gas-ready two-stroke engine, is based on proven hull lines, to reduce the fuel consumption to be one of the most efficient vessel in its segment.

Exhaust gas cleaning is provided by a HP SCR for main engine and a catamizer for the auxiliary engines. This reduces exhaust gas levels for NOx, lower than IMO Tier III-levels.


Fuel Economy
“The development of the EVOlution series begun in 2012 with focus on fuel economy. With the knowledge built up in Sirius since then, we are now confident and ready to order two units”.
– Jonas Backman, MD


Main Particulars

  • Length over all 119,9 m
  • Length between perpendiculars 116,8 m
  • Breadth moulded 19,4 m
  • Depth moulded to maindeck 10,0 m
  • Draught design 7,40 m


For more information please contact:
Claes Claeson
+46 706 44 37 99