Sea Trials for Tarbit BIT ECO

Sea Trials for Tarbit BIT ECO 7 200 m3 Bitumen Carrier has now been performed in Istanbul at different operation modes and at design and ballast draught.

The vessel is operating at different operating modes to optimize the use of generators to save fuel. In seagoing mode, the shaft generator is providing power for power consumers in operation.

When in manouver/harbour mode, one genset is in operation to provide power for thruster together with shaft generator.
For ice-class notation, extra power is needed, the ship operates in boost mode, where one of the generators are supplying power to the shaft with shaft generator working as electrical motor.
Finally, in take-me-home mode, the ship can be able to reach harbor with propeller shaft being supplied from auxiliatry gensets only.

There has been a challenge for all parts involved to provide this modern automation and operation system work together to optimize the use of energy needed and, at the end, to save fuel and reduce emissions.