NYK Stolt Tankers order FKAB-designed Stainless Steel Parcel Tankers

FKAB design the 6 Chemical Tankers of MR size, 38 000 DWT, at Nantong Xiangyu Shipyard, China ordered by NST.

We are glad to present that today, 7 February, the Joint Venture between NYK Line and Stolt Tankers (NYK Stolt Tankers, or ‘NST’) has reached an agreement with Nantong Xiangyu Shipyard in China to build six 38,000 DWT stainless steel chemical tankers for delivery between late 2026 and 2029 based on FKAB design.
These six are sister vessels to the 6+6 vessels that Stolt Tankers ordered at Wuhu Shipyard in November 2023.

The FKAB T72 is a Stainless Steel Chemical and Oil Products Tanker with 30 cargo tank segregations and a high focus on low energy consumption and high efficiency.
Special attention is taken to optimize hull lines, including the patented F-bow, resulting in energy savings and reduction of emissions.

The vessel is designed to be fuelled by HFO, MDO and MGO with sulphur content 0.1-0.5%. All  comply with IMO emission regulation, Tier III, by SCR for aux engines and EGR for main engines.
The vessel is equipped with Shore Power Connection and is prepared for future use of methanol as the main fuel and UPS Battery Power.

The propulsion system consists of one slow speed 2-stroke engine coupled to a fixed pitch propeller and a shaft generator. The shaft generator will be connected to the electric net via a frequency converter allowing variable speed of the engine/propeller for PTO.

Link to Stolt Nielsen Press Release