M/T Furewest LNG Converted into LNG

Not only newbuilding design, FKAB also works actively and closely with customers on retrofitting and conversion design of existing ships.

The key for a successful conversion design is to work together closely in feasibility study/ concept stage by major parties including ship owner, conversion yard, class societies, and major equipment maker. Either ship owner or designer need to be the one to lead this important process.

  • The Feasibility Study started as an EU project with the aim to determine requirements and conditions of the conversion, which was the base for Owners budget and further actions
  • A Hazid (risk analysis) was concluded by assistance and approval of Bureau Veritas
  • The main engine was converted to run on LNG/MDO
  • Two LNG tanks, each with a capacity of 250 m3 was fitted on weather deck forward
  • A new LNG system including GVU unit installed in the engine room
  • Some existing equipments in the engine room was re arranged
  • New Bunker stations and Vapor return stations were located on the weather deck in the vicinity of the existing manifold
  • Fire fighting system, Hazardous zones and Stability have also been considered and determined
  • The conversion after all preparations was concluded within a six weeks period.