Launching of windfarm service vessel

The launching of the 50m offshore windfarm service vessel has successfully been made.
It is built for the shipowner Shanghai Xiongcheng Offshore Engineering at the shipyard Jiangsu Dayang Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd.

This vessel concept was developed by ship owner together with FKAB and its main function is to provide maintenance services to offshore wind farms along the Chinese east coast area.

It will be equipped with a Walk to Work gangway, with a 6 degrees wave compensation unit is installed, which makes access to the windmill park much safer than the traditional way.

In addition, the ship is equipped with an advanced DC diesel-electric propulsion system and two azimuth contra-rotating thrusters, to achieve best operational function and fuel efficiency in both transit and DP2 conditions.

FKAB Shanghai office has carried out the full basic and detail design of the vessel.