FKAB Designs 4 x 41 000 DWT MR Tankers

FKAB Marine Design received an order of  4 MR tankers.

FKAB Marine Design is proud to present the Newbuilding project of 4 x 41 000 DWT MR tankers for European owner that will be built at Xiamen heavy industries, China.

The FKAB T67 is a Tier III product and chemical tanker (IMO II & III) vessel, and will
be compliant with future environmental regulations but will also apply innovative eco-technology for
your next generation of green ships and it is optimized for worldwide operation.

Special attention is taken to optimize hull lines including the patented F-bow resulting in
energy savings and reduction in CO2 emission over the ship’s life. The vessel is designed
with high standard European accommodation and equipped with, battery pack and shore
connection for supply of green electricity during port operation.
All pipes except the manifold are located inside the closed pipe trunk, which is running from aft
to forecastle.

The propulsion system consists of one medium speed engine coupled to a contrallable pitch
propeller and a shaft generator. The shaft generator will also be used as ’take me home’ and will
be connected to the electric net via a frequency converter allowing variable speed of the engine /
propeller for both PTO / PTI and PTH. In port during discharging the main engine will be used as a
generator by remote operated hydraulic clutch that disconnect the propeller shaft from gear.

Main Dimensions:
Length over All, 199.00 m
Beam, 32.20
Draught Design, 11.10
Draught Scantling, 12.00
Deadweight at Design Draught, 41 000 DWT
Design speed, 13 knots
Fuel Consumption at 13 knots, 16.0 tonnes/24h
Preliminary EEDI, 3.63 (Required EEDI by 2025 is 4.77)
Ice Class 1B

FKAB marine design will be involved in both Basic Design and Detail Design, through our FKAB Sweden and FKAB China offices.