FKAB continues to deliver to ship owners

M/T Ek-Stream, a 18,600DWT oil product & chemical tanker has been deliverd to Ektank AB.

This FKAB T28 tanker, designed for energy efficiency, was built at Chengxi Shipyard in China. The design was closely developed along with the Ektank AB team. Through FKAB’s offices in Sweden and China we deliverd the basic and detailed design to the shipyard. Ek-Stream is a 18,600DWT oil and chemical (IMO II) vessel with 1A ice class and equipped with a two stroke engine with exhaust gas cleaning to meet SECA area 0,1% low emission regulations. The main engine is coupled with a controllable pitch propeller and a shaft generator. This vessel can carry 6 grades simultanously in its 12 cargo tanks. Ek-Stream is expected to reach North Europe in January 2019.


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