FKAB China Celebrating 15 Years Anniversary

28 November 2001, FKAB started a joint venture design office in China. Along with the radical ups and downs of Chinese shipbuilding market over the past 15 years, FKAB China has performed more than 200 design orders consisting of about 80 newbuildings, 40 conversions and other kinds of consultancy services.

Now with a number of modern tanker design projects ongoing at various shipyards together with our head office, we are building up an even more solid foundation for further development in a still gloomy climate.

28 November 2016, a cordial anniversary party was held in Shanghai to celebrate this important milestone. More than 80 guests and colleagues representing ship owners, shipyards, class, brokers, suppliers and banks are invited to celebrate, mingle, network and enjoying themselves, with wonderful performance by FKAB team as well as the entertainer.

Mr Peter Hermansson, chairman of FKAB China, said in his opening speech:

 “we are all here to celebrate the 15th anniversary of FKAB China, which would not have been possible without having you as colleagues and partners during these years”

“… I am a Fukai Man, working the best I can; Chinese and Swedes working with Speed, cause I am a Fukai Man ….” As FKAB team signing in the party, we will continue try our best to deliver innovative marine design to Chinese shipbuilding industry.