Energy efficiency design

Are your vessels prepared for future environmental regulations demands? Will they be efficient enough to stay competitive the coming years?

State German Maritime Authority

FKAB has been selected by Docksta yard in Sweden for designing the largest pilot vessels in modern time for the State German Maritime Authority for the ­western inlet of the Kiel channel.

The project includes

  • Class drawings
  • 3D model hull and deckhouses
  • Production drawings for hull and deckhouses
  • Strength calculation
  • Stability documents


FKAB’s green edition – With true environmental performance

Best suitable hull shape

  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Slender & Longer Hull
  • High Cargo Capacity
  • Low Lightweight
  • Good Stability
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Best suitable propulsion

  • Larger Sized Propeller 4–5 % ­increased ­propulsion efficiency
  • Twin Overlapping Propellers, where larger ­propeller is not an option
  • Bulb rudder + Propeller Hub cap EnergoPac / PROMAS