Season’s Greetings

This year we support The Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

FKAB wish all our customers, colleagues, competitors, friends & families all the best during the coming holiday season.
In a year like 2020, with COVID-19 affecting the entire world, there are many people and organisations that need support.
The Christmas gift to all of you this year is that you are part of supporting a good cause.
This year our Christmas gift aims to contribute to The Swedish Sea Rescue Society who deliver first class rescue service along the coast and major lakes, all based on volunteers and without any government funding.
2020 was the year to really spend the hollidays at home and there was a great increase of people spending it on their boats, including that there were more first time boat-owners then ever, resulting in an increase of rescue assignments of 54%.

About The Swedish Sea Rescue Society:
Swedish Sea Rescue Society is involved for 80 percent of all sea rescues in Sweden and receives no government funding. The Society is financed by membership fees, donations and voluntary work. Despite this, or possibly as a result of this, the Society has doubled the number of sea rescue stations in recent years, tripled the number of rescue volunteers available and built 230 modern rescue vessels. This expansion has enabled Swedish Sea Rescue Society to meet its goal of departing within 15 minutes or less from the time an alarm is received. Crews live close to stations and conduct training several times a month.

Thanks to 2.200 volunteer crew members, rescue services are always available 24 hours a day anywhere along the Swedish coast and on the major lakes. The volunteers work as carpenters, doctors, fishermen, salesmen, plumbers, teachers and many other occupations. The sea rescue volunteers are willing to go out in any weather, at any time even during normal work hours or in the middle of the night.