FKAB T24C1 Furetank

20 000 m3 Chemical & Product Tanker

Furetank T24C1 is a 20 000 m3, TIER III oil product tanker for chemicals (IMO II and III) and oil products. It is designed for low fuel consumption and high cargo capacity with a density of 1,54 ton/m3 in an SECA area trade. The hull form is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions. The tanker is designed for European waters considering the Stanlow locks, St. Lawrence Seaways, draught restriction in various ports and keeping the total length below 150m. Vessel is divided into 12 cargo tanks, of which one is dedicated for slop and 2 drain tanks on deck. Complying with 12 grades.

The vessel is designed for good performance with Finnish/Swedish ice class 1A.

Propulsion is provided by a medium speed dual fuel engine with a gearbox with PTI/PTO and shaft generator coupled to a CP propeller in nozzle. PTI ‘Take me home’ device through PTI from the auxiliaries. In order to save fuel the shaft generator is running on various rpm allowing optimum propeller rpm at various speeds.
The general T24 design is obtainable with various main particulars, considering restriction in ports and channels, with two and four stroke main engines, with steam or thermal oil heating, electrical or hydraulic driven cargo pumps, propeller with nozzle or without and with auxiliary engines tailor-made to customer demands.


Main particulars

Service speed 13,0 knots at draught 8,85m, 80% MCR with 15% sea margin and shaft generator output of 300 kW. Fuel consumption at 13,0 knots including shaft generator without sea margin, LNG 11,3 ton/day and pilot fuel of 0,13 ton/day. Fuel consumption at 13,0 knots including shaft generator without sea margin MGO 13,7 ton/day

Length over all 149,9 m
Length between pp 145,9 m
Breadth mld 22,8 m
Depth mld 12,10 m
Draught design 8,85 m
Draught scantling 9,40 m
Deadweight at design draught 16,300 tonnes
Deadweight at scantling draught 18,000 tonnes
Cargo capacity 20,000 m3
FO tanks 440+100 m3
LNG tanks 2 x 300 m3
Urea tanks 20 m3
Technical FW tanks 280 m3
Domestic FW tanks 40 m3
Water ballast abt 7,500 m3

Main engine Four stroke Dual Fuel abt 4,500 kW at abt 750 rpm
Aux engines 1 x 600 kW and 1 x 1,500 kW
Shaft generator 1,800 kW
One oiled fire steam boiler of 7600 kW and one combined oil fired /exhaust-gas steam boiler
Bow thruster 850 kW
Cargo pumps 12 x 300 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 500 m3/h
Loading rate 1,200 m3/h per tank pair
Discharge rate 1,800 m3/h
Accommodation 19 pers
Gross tonnage prel 12,595
Nett tonnage prel 5,837
EED prel 5876 req less than 9330I



Bureau Veritas*+ HULL, +MACH, Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker-duelfuel , ESP, Unrestricted Navigation, Ice 1A, AUT-IMS , SYS-IBS-1,MON-Shaft, VCS, INWATERSURWAY, CLEANSHIP, EWCT,BWT,AVM-APS,IG.


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