4 999 DWT Product & Chemical Tanker

The FKAB T40 is a 4999 dwt, a double hull TIER III product and chemical (IMO type II )class. It is designed for trading in SECA area with low fuel consumption, low emissions and high cargo capacity.
It has diesel electric machinery with twin skeg/twin screws for low fuel oil consumption and high redundancy. The vessel has a clean design, recyclable and redundant propulsion class notation.
Five gen sets power the vessel for propulsion and all electric consumers onboard. All engines fulfill Tier III requirement and are driven by MGO. Each gen set is placed in a sound insulation box. For higher safety and better working enviorment.
The vessel is divided into 2×8 cargo tanks for all kinds of cargo, 2 slop tanks.
For good maneuvering there are two high lift flap rudders. In addition, a bottom suction type bow thruster where the flow is controlled by a rotating drum through three channels; one to SB, one to P and one aft. This gives additional propulsion redundancy to the main propulsion. In all conditions.
The vessel is arranged with one manifold midship.


Length over all 89.9 m
Length between PP 87,7 m
Breadth mld 16,2 m
Depth mld 8.5 m
Draught design 6.7 m
Deadweight at design draught 4 999 tonnes
Cargo capacity incl. slop tanks 5 650 m3
FO tanks 200 m3
FW tanks 40 m3
Technical FW tanks 20 m3
Water ballast 2 100 m3

Propulsion motors: 2 x 1 000 kW, derated
to 2 x 750 kW
Aux engines 5 x 500 EkW /1 x 200 EkW
FP propeller 2x Ø 3.2 m
Bow thruster 500 kW
Cargo pumps 5 x 450 m3/h & 3 x 300 m3/h
Slop pump 150 m3/h
Boiler 2 x 2 000 kW
Accommodation 10 persons
Design Speed 11.5 knots


DNVGL 1A Tanker for Oil products and Chemical, IMO 2, ESP, ICE(1B), EO, HL (1,54) TMON, BIS, NAUT(OC),
CLEAN DESIGN, Recyclable, COMF(V-1), COMF(C-2), VCS(2), RP(2,50%), ETC, BWM(T), VIBR

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