14 000 DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker

This FKAB design is 16,000 m3 with 14,000 DWT, and is a TIER III tanker for chemicals (IMO
II and III). The hull form is optimized for low fuel consumption and designed for excellent
performance in harsh weather conditions and can operate in Sulphur Emission Control
Areas (SECA). The propeller is integrated to rudder to gain hydrodynamic efficiency. A
shaft generator is installed with a frequency converter to save fuel costs in normal sea
going conditions. There is a catwalk above the main deck.
The vessel is divided into 20 cargo tanks, 2 drain tanks on deck, consisting of 20 cargo
Cargo capacity with a density of 1,54 ton/m3 and 1,85 ton/m3 when partly filled. Two cargo
tanks are dedicated for slop tanks in accordance with the rules.
The tanks are stainless steel in ferritic-austenitic steel, type 2205 with a molybdenum
content of min 2.70%.
The vessels primary fuel is LNG (MDO if required) and compliant with IMO SOx Tier III NOx
emission limits. Manning is based on a crew number of 18 people in single cabins.
The propulsion system consists of one two stroke slow speed diesel engine directly coupled
to the controllable pitch propeller. Main engine and Auxiliary engines will use box cooling
systems. “Take me home” is handled via a hydraulic motor coupled via shaft generator in
PTI mode. The shaft generator is connected via a frequency converter allowing optimum
propeller rpm at various speeds.



Length over all 133 m
Length between PP 130 m
Breadth mld 22,50 m
Depth mld 11,7,0 m
Draught design 8,50 m
Draught scantling 9,00 m
Deadweight at design draught 12 800 tonnes
Deadweight at scantling draught 14 000 tonnes
Cargo capacity 16 000 m3
N2 system N2 generator
LNG 1200 m3 (2 x 600 m3 tanks)
MDO /MGO tanks 250 m3
Technical FW tanks 220 m3
Domestic FW tanks 200 m3
Water ballast 5 800 m3
Main engine Duel fuel 2-stroke engine, 4770 kW at Flex50DF 99 rpm
Aux engines DF 2 x 1 000 kW
Battery power 1 x battery pack 500 kWh (replacing one
Shaft generator 1100 kW (PTI/ PTO)
Emeregency mode PTH mode in case ME fails SG is able to run the vessel
Boilers 2 x oil fired steam boilers MDO/LNG 2700kW
Vessel is fitted with a primary thermal oil heating system
and one secondary hot water heating systems heated by
two (2) MDO/LNG fired thermal oil boilers and one MDO/
LNG fired EGH exhaust gas heated) thermal oil boiler.
Bow thruster 500kW
Cargo pumps, submerged 2 x 9 Loading 2 000 m3/h (electrical or hydraulic) Discharge 1 500 m3/h
Ballast pumps, submerged centrifugal 2 x 500 m3/h
Accommodation 18 + 1 pilot cabin pers


The vessel is designed for a service speed of 13,5 knots at 72% MCR with 15% sea margin, with clean hull, at a draught
of 8,50 m and even keel. Daily consumption at NCR based on Tier III at 13,5 knots at design draught excluding shaft
generator and excluding sea margin 10,9 ton per 24 hours (gas mode).




Download FKAB T37