35 000 m3 LPG carrier

FKAB L4 is an ocean going, single screw, diesel engine driven, type 2G, fully refrigerated gas carrier, independent tank of type A, suitable to carry liquid cargoes with a minimum temperature of -48°C, with bulbous bow, transom stern and semi-balanced rudder.
The propulsion system consists of one low speed diesel engine and a fixed pitch propeller.
The cargo section consists of three (3) cargo holds each containing one (1) independent self-supporting prismatic cargo tank.


Length over all 177.55 m
Length between PP 169.00 m
Breadth mld 28.40 m
Depth mld 17.80 m
Draught design 9.50 m
Draught scantling 10.40 m
Deadweight at design draught 23 000 tonnes
Deadweight at design draught 27 000 tonnes
Cargo capacity 35 000 m3
HFO tanks 2 350 m3
GO tanks 270 m3
FW tanks 350 m3
Water ballast 10 800 m3
Main engines 9 960 kW
FP propeller Ø 5.69 m
Aux engines 3 x 800 kW
Combined boiler 1 800/1 200 kg/h
Bow thruster 750 kW
Cargo pumps 4 x 750 m3/h
Ballast pumps 2 x 450 m3/h
Accommodation 25 pers
Speed at 85% MCR 16.5 knots


Det Norske Veritas: 1A1, R0 Liquefied Gas Carrier Type 2G, Propane, Butane, Butylene, Propylene, Anhydrous Ammonia and Butadiene in independent tanks Type “A”, Max S.G 0.70, Partial loading Vinyl Chloride Monomer with Max S.G. 0.97, Max Vapour Pressure 0.25 bar (0.45bar in harbour), Min Cargo Temp -48˚C.

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