EK-RIVER Launched

The Chemical & Product tanker that the Owner Ektank has ordered at Chengxi Shipyard has been launched successfully.

The vessel has a deadweight at design draught of 18 600 tonnes/ 19 999 tonnes at freeboard draught and is designed for low fuel consumption and high cargo capacity.
It is designed to meet all known future demands from governments, the industry and the customers and it is designed for good performance in harsh weather conditions, is equipped with a slow speed two-stroke engine and fulfils ICE 1A.

The vessel concept is named FKAB T28 and was developed by FKAB together with the owner Ektank.
Through FKAB’s offices in Sweden and China, FKAB has delivered both basic Design & Detail Design to the shipyard.

More information about the vessel is found via the below link:
Ektank T28 product page